Simón Bolívar School Background

The Simon Bolivar language school in Cuenca, is one of the top schools in town. The school started 5 years ago, and was highly recognized by Spanish students from all over the world in a very short period of time. We count with a staff based on 17 teachers with a large career experience, they help the students to immerse into the Ecuadorian culture with a lot of motivation and energy!

Our main objective is to meet the varied needs of our students who come to us from all over the world to learn Spanish for many different reasons.

In recent years we have noticed a change in the reasons our students come to study Spanish.. They study not only for tourist or cultural purposes, but for business, education, personal interest, and volunteer purposes as well. For example, business professionals want to learn Spanish in order to play a role in the Latin American market, students take Spanish courses abroad for credits in their home universities and others come to share their experience and professional expertise through volunteer opportunities in Ecuador.

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